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Seam lathes are designed in such a way that you can dissemble and resemble easily with the tools we supply with the lathe and our tech support is always available pacific time except Christmas time when Seam shuts down15th till Jan 10th . But tech support is available. Best competing lathe in the market, quality and price.

Bench top Seam lathe Total bed length is 43″, Chuck to chuck is 20.5″ including one ” projection [ teeth, jaws] outside the 50 mm bore on the chuck lathe swing it is 7″ from the center of the bore to the plate times 2 -and 6″ from the teeth [Jaws] to the plate and multiply by 2 and that’s the swing. Extra teeth in tool box and numbered. For alignment there are 4 bolts in the hollow part of the moving chuck and 4 L N screws on the bottom. These are for calibrating, tools are provided in the tool box. In cleaning or transportation or for unforeseen reasons I would like you to call for tech support for the first time and we will walk you through. Total weight is 500 lbs.

Regarding the cleaning of the teeth, they are numbered; I would really appreciate a call to tech support to walk you through when the lathe is in front of you. 714-443-8677.

On the speed control the dial is there to regulate the speed. The slowest speed is 45 rpm and it is 1500 rpm motor, these are made to last a long time and if there is a elect surge the fuse will go off and will not hurt or burn the motor, the fuse is available in Granger or any elect outlets.

The rings are for convenience only that was added as most of my customers asked for it. Reason is when you are fusing 3 or for perks or other item in the tube cutting and fusing, chances are one or more will droop, what you do is heat or flame that item and use the handle to hold and release till the particular item is straight if not the price of the water pipe Goes way down. This cannot be done when there is no ring as the teeth projections or the chuck slots will injure your hand, I have come across so many injuries in factories in Los Angeles that it gave me an idea to put rings on the chucks and the injuries stopped, the work comp kills your profit. The chucks and lathe runs true and if someone does not like it, can take it off with an L N tool which is in the tool box we supply. You have one year on the Seam lathe manufacturer’s warranty.
We have Seam lathe financing available

  • Floor model 85 mm bore
  • H 50″, L 60″, W 24″, chuck to chuck distance 34”, weight 1200 lbs.
  • Single chuck is 85 mm bore

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Our lathes are manufactured in India and assembled here in the US. We have been in this business since 2005 and understand your needs